Erotic art book: The Secret Garden


Erotic art / book / Shunga

Book Facts:

144 pages Hardcover and thread bound.
Embossed Cover Limited edition of 1000 copies.
Landscape format, approx. 21 x 30 cm 1
50 g Munken Lynx Rough paper
Printed in Sweden by Göteborgstryckeriet
Original design by OKAASAN BOOKS
“The Secret Garden” is the second erotic art book to be released by Okasaan Books. For this project, we envisioned a collection of contemporary erotic art inspired by Shunga. We also decided that this new book should be something unique. Historically, erotica has primarily been created by men for other men, portraying a very one-sided view of sexuality. We were interested in understanding what erotica could be when created by female artists. The idea of “The Secret Garden” was born.
We invited several artists, friends and people within the creative network we had built during our careers as tattooists and artists, as well as a number of both established and up-and-coming artists that we had come to admire. The erotic art brought together within the covers of this book is as diverse and creative as the sum of its creators.
Aiko Robinson (New Zeeland/Japan) Alina Bushman (Germany) Aimee Cornwell (UK) Alix Ge (France) Andi Soto (Panama) Anna Melo (US) Anna Sandberg (Sweden) Apollonia Saintclair (Europe) Ariane berto (Switzerland) Ayako Yonemitsu (Japan) Barbara Munster (Netherlands) Brooke Steele (Australia) Cameron Cox (US) Carolina Angel (Spain) Caterina Molin (Italy) Claudia De Sabe (UK) Debora Visco (Italy) Deni Balbino (UK) Elin Lowén (Sweden) Frida Castelli (Italy) Giada Wood (Italy) Gina McQuen (UK) Giulia Montanari (Italy) Horiuki (Japan) Human CHUO (France) Jeannie Marie Pingle (US) Jennifer Liles (Canada) Junii Salmon (US) Kanae Nishiyama (UK)  Lacey Law (UK) Lina Stigsson (Netherlands) Lorena Morato(Germany) Manekistefy (Italy) Marie Makowski (US) Marijana Cafaro (Germany) Marine Loup (Portugal) Maryam Gohar (Iran) Naoko Matsuda(Germany) Natalia Giavedoni (Spain) Nathalie Verdon (Switzerland) Nella Kent (Greece) Nikole Lowe (UK) Nina Murashkina (Spain) Patricia Palmer (Spain)  Rea Armeniakou (Greece) Ruby Wolfe (UK) Susan Nygren (Sweden) Som Nakburin (Australia) Tina Jiang (US) Tina Maria Elena Bak (Denmark) Tsubaki Anna (Japan) Valeria Ko (Russia) Vanessa Milito Rodriguez (France) Yuriko Shirou (Mexico)
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