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to show a sensual and erotic female nude painting of Oryu, the red peony gambler. Created by Senju in biding and Shunga style.

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Hibotan Bakuto

the Red Peony Gambler

Almost a year after releasing “Hanafuda”, the first version of this painting, Senju re-imagines his initial vision of Oryu, the Red Peony Gambler. This time he draws more faithfully on inspiration gathered from viewing 1960’s Japanese Yakuza movie posters. Some of the original painting’s softness has given way to a more graphic feel. 

The Hibotan Bakuto print comes in small to very large size.

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Botan Doro

Tale of the peony lantern

This is perhaps the most famous of all the Kaidan (ghost stories) of Japan. The Kabuki theatre version, from which Senju has borrowed inpiration for this new, haunting yet melancholy sensual, portrait of the ghost of Otsuyu

The young student Saburo falls madly in love with the beautiful girl Otsuyu and they begin a secret love affair. Saburo takes ill, which prevents him from seeing Otsuyu for a long period of time. After recovering from his illness he is told that Otsuyu too had been taken ill, and unfortunatly died.

One evening, Saburo, overcome with grief, hears footsteps outside his house. He is pleasantly surpised to see his love Otsuyu, along with her maid, who carries a peony lantern. She tells him that the news of her death was fabricated by her aunt, in order to destroy their relationship. Saburo is beside himself with joy, and they begin their secret relationship anew. Every evening Otsuyu and the maid comes to his house. One evening, one of Saburo’s servants peeks through a crack in the door into Saburo’s bedroom. Shocked, he finds his master in bed, having sex with a decaying corpse. In the doorway sits the rotting apparition of Otsuyu’s maid. As always holding a peony lantern.

The servant tells the local Buddhist priest and together they attempt to save the young master…

In order to find out how the story ends, please go here

The Botan Doro print comes in small to very large size.

to show a kakajiku hanging scroll format sensual female ghost painting by Senju. The motif is from the ghost sory Botan Door.
to show the art of senju. An erotic and sensual shunga painting showing a woman with an traditional japanese irezumi backpiee tattoo of a golden dragon.

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Golden dragon

Before Senju made the transition to full time artist and painter, he worked for nearly 30 years as a tattooer. About 20 of those years were dedicated to the study and practice of the traditional Japanese tattoo, Irezumi. Ocasionally he returns to the subject matters that fascinated him the most when creating full body tattoos for an dedicated international clentele. 

Kinryu is Japanese for Golden Dragon, a very auspicious motif. On the woman’s back, the dragon is ascending out of the water in which it dwells. This is considered a lucky dragon design that brings success in ones endevours.

The dragon is traditionally regarded as a guarding deity that protects against fire, and even though it has a fearsome apperance it is also a protector of the Buddhist law.

The Kinryu print comes in small to very large size.

to show the beauty of a erotic and sensual kinbaku shibari shunga painting by Senju.

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Visually spellbinding, the Japanese form of rope bondage called Kinbaku or Shibari has attracted Senju for many years. At first unsure how to portray a form of intimate play he himslef does not practise, he has now found form and interpretation.

Inspired by various Japanese as well as Western contemporary rope masters, he lets their individual forms blend with the Kinbaku photographs by Japanese genius photographer Nobuyoshi Araki. In this, the first in an ongoing series of paintings, the form was influenced by French rope master Dirty von P’s work, as well as the films of Japanese director Takashi Miike. At the moment Senju is obsessing with the sooty, blackened interiors of his film Hara-kiri.

The Hankou print comes in small to very large size.

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Makura no Soshi

The Pillow Book feat. Mayu Manson as Sei Shonagon

Ever since Senju first began painting erotic art rooted in Japanese Shunga, he has tried to paint Sei Shonagon, he famous author of the Makura no Soshi, the Pillow Book. Hailed as one of the first major literary works by a female author, it has traveled more than a thousand years and still feels remarkably modern. Sei Shonagon is full of wit and describes Japanese Heian era court life using her experiences as a court lady and a woman. Strong willed and unique, she comes to us from a time long gone.

When Senju exhibited at the NuraNura group show in Tokyo 2019 he met Mayu Manson, a Japanese Ahegao artist. Upon discovering that her video installation strongly reminded him of his work Gyokumon, he approached her and asked if she was interested in some sort of collaborative work. The answer was Yes and a little more than a year later he unveils this painting.

The Makura no Soshi print comes in small to very large size.

to show a sensual and erotic painting of Japanese ahegao artist Mayu Manson as Sei Shonagon.
This images shows a sensual shunga painting by Swedish artist Senju. A pale white furisode kimono with New Year's symbols partially drapes a female nude erotic body.

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New Year

As a late celebration of the New Year, Senju painted this sensual and erotic image of a woman dressed in a pale white Furisode kimono. The garment is embroidered with gold thread and shows various auspicious symbols commonly used in the Japanese New Year. We can see an intricate pattern of cranes, symbolising longevity, together with the popular Shōchikubai (three friends of winter) design. This consist of stylized renditions of pine, bamboo and plum blossoms. In the leaves of the bamboo there are even further small symbols of good luck in Japan. You can spot Hoju (wish granting jewels) and Uchide no kozuchi (the wish granting mallet) amongst several others.

This work shows the love and interest for kimono as an art form that Senju has developed over the more than 20 years he has studied Japanese culture and history in depth. If you choose to purchase a print you will find pleasure in viewing the detailed work the embroidery.

The Shinnen print comes in small to very large size.

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Botan Doro

Ghost painting by Anna Sandberg

Sumi ink and Japanese Gansai pigment colors on paper.


When love transcends the barrier between life and death.

To show a ghost painting in Japanese style by Swedish artist Anna Sandberg.


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