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to display an erotic cosmic tantric shunga painting by Swedish artist Senju.

New release



Shunga painting by Senju

Seishin is a Japanese word and is translated as celestial bodies or stars. In this new version of an older work by Senju, the artist seeks to tap into new skills and insights in order to better capture his original vision. The word that first came to him during the process was intimacy and how our sexuality is a part of that most human of our heart’s desires. When we are truly intimate we merge with the universe in the way we were originally intended to. Without separation or feelings of being all alone in the dark void.

The process was also intended as a way to further brake free from aestethic chains and the idea of having to remain the same for any period of prescribed time. Who were one minute ago is very far from what we are in the exact Now, and it is the feeble attempt of recreating the past and predict the future that makes us so full of anxiety.

The Seishin print comes in medium to very large size.

New release



Ghost painting by Anna Sandberg

Sumi ink and Japanese Gansai pigment colors on paper.


A sad and angry spirit whose life was stolen away from her at a time of happiness, betrayed by her lover’s family.

to show a watercolour painting by Swedish female artist Anna Sandberg. The painting depicts the vengeful ghost of a murdered woman.
to show a watercolour painting by Anna Sandberg depicting a Japanese female ghost, yurei, stained with blood

New release



Ghost painting by Senju

Sumi and Japanese Gansai pigment colors on paper.


The bloody handprint on her kimono sleeve reminds us of the painful and violent struggle that preceeded her death at the hands of a violent man.

Now a bloody red handprint can be found on the men facing her revenge.

Senju 2013-2017

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The Secret Garden

An international collection of works inspired by the art of Shunga

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Japan in Photography by Senju

Over his many visits to Japan Senju has always brought along his camera, using it a way to explore Japan’s history, culture and people. Through the viewfinder details otherwise missed or overlooked becomes clear and a more intricate pattern can be woven into the fabric that is Japan’s heart and soul.

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