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Senju solo exhibition in Tokyo, Japan August 24 -29.

His “36 Views Of Mount Fuji” shunga print series will be shown to the public for the first time at the beautiful Bumpodo gallery. Curated by Dub-agent, Tokyo.


an erotic image showing a woman tied with ropes in the manner of kinbaku or shibari. By Swedish artist Senju.

Exclusive print edition on Japanese washi paper from Awagami paper mill

The first  three prints in this ongoing art collector’s edition by Senju, have now released. Marking a distinct turning point in the artist’s evolution, it is only natural that these sensual kinbaku depictions leads the way towards a new and exiting time. This Kinbaku washi paper edition will only be printed in 5 copies.

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Senju Shunga Prints

For more than 1o years now, Senju has been exploring the world of traditional Japanese Shunga art, and other related genres of Japanese art. He is currently focusing on creating several new series of prints around a selection of themes.

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Kokeshi dolls, tea pots & flowers

Conjuring the charm of simplicity, Anna Maia creates highly decorative prints in which she lets various Japanese folk art objects and botanical imagery form patterns.

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The Secret Garden

Erotic Art Book

In this beautifully bound, high quality art book we have collected one work each from 55 international female artists. They have all contributed with art inspired by Japanese Shunga.

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Beautiful cat prints by Anna Maia

Cats have been a part of Japanese art for centuries. Anna Maia continues the tradition, placing her cats together with plants and objects like folk art masks and pottery. Often they  very kawaii (cute), at other time very soothing.

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“36 Views Of Mount Fuji” posters!

For the first time, we are now introducing art posters! If you want to decorate your house, studio, shop or restaurant with beautiful art but dont want to collect limited edition prints, then posters are great way to go.



Collect the complete “36 Views of Mount Fuji” shunga prints series.

 10 full collectors sets in two sizes available at a very attractive price.

It is a dream for an artist like Senju, profoundly influenced by Ukiyo-e woodblock prints, that there should exist a few complete collections of this shunga series out there. As the series was created to be viewed together, the collecting of all the prints is something we want to sincerely encourage.

We have therefore decided to make available 10 full sets of 36 shunga prints at a highly attractive price! The set is available in both A4 and A3 sizes – a total of 20 limited edition sets.


The ghosts of Anna Maia

In stark contrast to her lovely cat paintings and warm, graphic prints, Anna Maia also captures the melancholy of frightful Japanese ghosts. Ghost paintings has been traditionally shown during the hot and humid summer months, especially August, in order to create a chilling affect on the viewer.

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Special Edition

Hahnemuelhe Bamboo Paper

Printed on sustainable natural white paper made of bamboo fibres, this edition beautifully reproduces the sensuality of the paintings of Senju.

Attractively priced and only 20 copies made of each size.


to show a watercolour painting by Swedish female artist Anna Sandberg. The painting depicts the vengeful ghost of a murdered woman.

Latest Stories

In praise of shadows – Senju recreating classic shunga.

In this new series of Shunga paintings, Senju explores classic prints by Japanese artists and creates new versions inspired by the Japanese author Junichiro Tanizaki’s essay “In praise of shadows”.

Hanami – Love and lust beneath the cherry blossoms

Senju talks about his painting “Hanami”, the falling cherry blossom petals and the delusional idea that a specific form of sexuality is more “normal” than others.

Shunga – Springtime in the darkness of October

In this story, Senju presents a new version of his very first shunga painting, “Haru (springtime)” and explains some of the ideas and background of how it came to be.