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In praise of shadows – Senju recreating classic shunga.

In this new series of Shunga paintings, Senju explores classic prints by Japanese artists and creates new versions inspired by the Japanese author Junichiro Tanizaki’s essay “In praise of shadows”.

Hanami – Love and lust beneath the cherry blossoms

Senju talks about his painting “Hanami”, the falling cherry blossom petals and the delusional idea that a specific form of sexuality is more “normal” than others.

Shunga – Springtime in the darkness of October

In this story, Senju presents a new version of his very first shunga painting, “Haru (springtime)” and explains some of the ideas and background of how it came to be.

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Special Editions


Printed on sustainable natural white paper made of bamboo fibres, this edition beautifully reproduces the sensuality of the paintings of Senju.

Attractively priced and only 20 copies made of each size.



to show a watercolour painting by Swedish female artist Anna Sandberg. The painting depicts the vengeful ghost of a murdered woman.