Large size art posters.

Museun and art gallery style high quality posters. 24″ x 36″ (91,4 x 61 cm).

36 views of Mt. Fuji shunga prints series.

Senju has created a sensual and erotic shunga homage to the famous original Edo period woodblock print series “36 Views Of Mount Fuji” by Katsuchika Hokusai. A highly collectible set of erotic art.

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Kinbaku prints: “Hana no Kurabe (a comparison of flowers)

Japanese rope bondage (Kinbaku or Shibari) is practised all the world today. The reasons for being either the one who binds or the one bound often varies from person to person. As an artist, Senju is intrigued by the sensuality often expressed in this many times erotic rope play. “Hana Kurabe” is a new ongoing kinbaku print series where every person portrayed is paired with a Japanese flower or plant.


Bijinga prints (portraits of beauties)

Portraits of beautiful women were very popular in Japan during the Edo period. Even though these portraits often depicted women existing in real life, it was not considered important that the facial features resembled the model. Bijinga were mainly produced as woodblock prints, and due to their very affordable price, collecting them soon became all the rage.


Makura-e prints (erotic pictures)

Erotic art comes in endless variations. From the subtle, romantic or poetic to the intense, explicit and sweaty.

At the Two Cranes Gallery, we make no separation between erotic and other art. Just like there should be no idea of shame and sin when it comes to our sexuality and sexual identity.

Intelligence and depth make it so much more arousing!


Irezumi –  traditional Japanese tattoo prints

Senju has vast experience with irezumi, both as a horishi ( a creator of Japanese tattoos) and as an artist. In irezumi, the treasures of Japanese culture and history come together and form individual living museums. Dragons, tigers, heroes, heroines, buddhism, shinto, kabuki and Noh theatre are but a few of the isnpirational sources that makes up the strong foundation of this marvelous craft.

Shunga prints (spring pictures)

Traditional Japanese shunga is unique when it comes to depicting human sexuality and the pleasures that come with physical intimacy.


Lady Snowblood

Actress and singer Meiko Kaji starred as Lady Snowblood (shurayuki hime) in a series of classic 1970s Japanese movies portraying a female assassin seeking revenge for her family.




Printed on sustainable natural white paper made of bamboo fibres, this edition beautifully reproduces the sensuality of the paintings of Senju.

Attractively priced and only 20 copies made of each size.



to show a watercolour painting by Swedish female artist Anna Sandberg. The painting depicts the vengeful ghost of a murdered woman.