Sabishii (lonesome)

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A ghost story of loneliness and hunger, painted in the style of Japanese ghost genre Yuurei-zu by Swedish artist Anna Maia.

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I am walking from house to house asking for a meal, a simple kind gesture. Is there something for me? With all my family gone I am nothing? Without them I do not have any connections or ties to this community. From now on my existense does not seem to matter to the people of this village. As winter arrives I can feel the skin tightening around my bones and my eyesight becoming blurred. This constant hunger and loneliness has turned me into a walking void, I am not worthy of even a glance. My own death is close now, I can feel it. The door to the other realm has opened but I will not enter. Here I shall stay until they dare to look upon what their rejection has turned me into.


Materials used:

Saunders Waterford Aquarelle paper, Japanese gansai water colours Gofun white pigment ink and Japanese sumi ink.

Printed on 230 gsm 29,7 x 42 (11,6 x 16,5) matt high quality paper.

Limited edition of 50 signed and numbered copies by the artist.





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