“Gyokumon” (beautifully decorated gate)


A beautiful and sensual erotic image by the Swedish artist Senju

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Printed on matt high quality paper.

Limited edition of 50 signed and numbered copies.

Stamped with the artist personal Hanko (red seal).

Sensual erotic art is the main focus of Swdish artist Senju (Matti Sandberg). "Gyokumon" is a Japanese word that translates to "Beautifully decorated gate". Which gate the artist is referring to in this new version of one of his older pieces should be obvious to any viewer. The vulva is surprisingly absent in art since it is the gate through which we  have all passed in one way or the other in order to arrive here and now. The vulva´s resemblence to a flower is perhaps a key to how we all should view it. As a pathway to creation itself, from wich the core power of the universe radiates.

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29,7×21 cm (11,5"x8,2"), 42×29,7 cm (16,5"x11,6"), 59,4×40 cm (23,4"x15,7")


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