Two Cranes Gallery is owned by Anna Sandberg and operated with the help of Senju. 

We are located in Umeå, North of Sweden. Far up north beneath a great open sky. Both of us have been working for many years as tattooers, but always sought new and creative ways paralell to that. The last few years has seen us drifting more towards painting and other creative outlets.

We are artists seeking new ways to show the world what we create. At the same time we are also exploring pathways towards our goal to live as full time, independent artists.

This website and its shop was created so that our art may be enjoyed by many people around the world as possible. 

Through actively avoiding third party actors and instead learn how to do everything ourselves, we seek to keep the price for our work at an affordable level. At the same time we want to find ways so that what we create will in turn help us to create even more art. We choose to both sell originals as well as several different lines and editions of prints. All prices are set with the idea to sell more art to more people rather than assisting in inflating the ever soaring price of art as dictated by auction houses and the art market.

We print everything ourselves. The long term goal is of course to invest back into our art by acquiring the equipment to handle all the sizes we desire to do. This way we will also be able to stay affordable.

We do just about everything ourselves and in-house. Besides the obvious creation of art we also do all the web designing, photographing, photo editing, writing, printing, packing, shipping and administration. We create our own social media content and handle our social media accounts as well as websites. 

It is our sincere hope and wish that you will find both artworks, prices and service on the kind and reliable side of things.Without You, our respected and highly valued buyers of our art, we would not be able to do what we do. Thank You!

Anna & Senju