Tsukiyo/ moonlit night

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The nightly haunting of the man who murdered her and a buddhist priest seeking to relase her from her agony.

A ghost painting in the style of Japanese ghost painting genre Yuurei-zu by Swedish artist Anna Maia.


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In the middle of the night she wakes me from my sleep

Calling my name from the fields outside my window

Her voice is angry and hollow

The echoing noise continues each night

I fear of my life and sanity

She is dead, this can't be real

I must come to terms with my deed

Then hopefully she can rest from my wicked ways

I must seek salvation and beg forgiveness


In the late summer month of august a woman is found murdered on a small field of pampas grass. Her neck is broken and all her belongings gone.

The murder remains a mystery for three months until one day a man arriving from a village many miles away confesses to the murder. Claiming the womans spirit is in agony and keeps haunting him. He begs for help from the local priest. A buddhist ritual is performed in the field where her life was slain. She appears with a nasty grim telling them how she has been hauting him. The priest continues his chant and finally she is released from her wordly chains. The man stays with the priest for the remainings days of his life. Seeking to look upon his wretched self with forgiveness and compassion.


Printed on 230 gsm 29,7 x 42 (11,6 x 16,5) matt high quality paper.

Limited edition of 50 signed and numbered copies.


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