“Shuugetsu” (autumn moon) Bamboo Paper Edition


Looks can decieve. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and love as we know it is a mere fabrication.

Printed on 290 gsm Hahnemuelhe Bamboo paper. This paper is made from 90% bamboo fibre and 10% cotton fibre, making it highly sustainable. Its warm natural white tone, along with a light felt texture enhances Senju's art in a wonderful way.  Signed and numbered limited edition of 20 copies only in each size. Each individual print is stamped with the artist’s personal read seal (hanko) on the back. It also comes with a certificate of autenthicity designed by Senju. The certificate shows the prints title, size and number. It is signed and stamped with the artist’s red seal.

Senju's art is rooted deeply in traditional Japanese art, especially the erotic and sensual world of Shunga.

The Japanese ghost differs from its western counterparts in many ways. One of them is that they are not necessarily bound by a certain place or the time keeping of humans. A Japanese ghost can appear wherever it wishes and at whatever hour pleases it. And if you meet one it is a high probability that you will die from sheer terror by just seeing it. In "Shuugetsu" swedish painter Senju has created a melancholy, sensual and beautiful female ghost beneath a large and full autumn moon. How can she possibly be dangerous? At her feet, half hidden in the tall autumn grass, lies human skulls in disarray. We do not know who these people were or how their skulls ended up in this place but perhaps your imagination can tell that story...

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Print Size

117×58 cm (46"x23"), 29,7×21 cm (11,5"x8,2"), 42×29,7 cm (16,5"x11,6"), 59,4×40 cm (23,4"x15,7")


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