“Botan Doro” (tale of the peony lantern)


The contemporary Shunga paintings of Senju explores human sensuality and sexuality.



Japanese ghost / sensual art / yurei

Printed on  heavy matt high quality paper. Signed and numbered limited edition of 50 copies in each size. Each individual print is stamped with the artist’s personal read seal (hanko).

Senju’s art is rooted deeply in traditional Japanese art, especially the erotic and sensual world of Shunga.

Additional information

Print Size

12×29 cm (4,7"x11,4"), 140×58 (55"x23"), 41×17 cm (16,1"x6,7"), 58×24 cm (22,8"x9,4"), 96 x 40 cm (37,8" x 15,7")


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