“Koritsu” (isolation)

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In the dusk a grey female figure is walking in sad solitude.

A ghost painting in the style of Japanese ghost genre Yuurei-zu by Swedish artist Anna Maia.



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In the dusk a grey female figure is walking in sad solitude.. the light is starting to rise but not even the morning light can bring hope to this lost soul.

The woman is dead. She was slain in a haste and died without even a hint of the murderer behind her. Her body was tossed aside in a abandoned field below a willow tree. Now  her spirit lingers there and she can not find rest. She is lost and hopelessly searching for an answer to her state.

Materials used:

Saunders Waterford Aquarelle paper, Japanese sumi ink and Gofun white pigment ink

Printed on 230 gsm 29,7 x 42 (11,6 x 16,5) matt high quality paper.

Limited edition of 50 signed and numbered copies by the artist.






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