A sensual woman to be desired? Or a magical fox toying with our senses?

Printed on matt high quality paper.

Limited edition of 50 signed and numbered copies.

Stamped with the artist personal Hanko (red seal).

For many hundreds of years Japanese myth and folklore have told stories about the Kitsune, the Japanese fox and its magical powers. A being best treated in a nice way unless one would want to suffer the consequences of its more mischevious and cunning side. In this painting the artist Senju plays with the fox's ability to shift shape. The question is wether the fox really changes? Or is it all in our minds? Today's  western modern human being has lost her touch with the nature surrounding us, regarding it even as sometimes hostile. Unable to connect with the forest in a deep and natural way, our minds has perhaps begun playing tricks on us...

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Additional information

Print Size

48,3×32,9 cm (19"x12,9"), 81×59,4 cm (23"x32"), 29,7×21 cm (11,5"x8,2"), 42×29,7 cm (16,5"x11,6"), 59,4×40 cm (23,4"x15,7")


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