“Fuji Sanchou” (the peak of Mt. Fuji)


A sensual and poetic homage toKatsuchika by the Swedish artist Senju.

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Aprox. 22,4 x 47 cm (8,8" x 18,5")

Printed on 230 gsm 32,9 x 48,3 (11,6 x 16,5) matt high quality paper.

Limited edition of 50 signed and numbered copies.

Stamped with the artist personal Hanko (red seal).

Katsuchika Hokusai (1760-1849) has been one of Senju’s greatest influences and inspirations for decades. Over the years Hokusai has been a mentor for hundreds of thousands of aspiring artists, speaking to us through his art and his voluminous  production of works. Through the series of small books called “Hokusai Manga”  he has graciously given us drawing and painting instructions stretching far beyond his earthly life cycle.

In “Fuji Sanchou” the Swedish artist  Senju attempts a  humble celebration of the genius of this perhaps the most important artist in human history. Already in 2015 Senju created a version of his idea where he had discovered that the shape of the famous and iconic mountain of Fuji could be shown through the folds of a Kimono.

sensual painting of a young woman holding up her kimono to expose her vulva. The shape of Mt.Fuji is revealed in the folds of the fabric.

However, over the years that has passed since this early realisation, he had begun to feel that the subject matter could be treated differently and better. He began work on a new version in early September  2019 and on the last evening of that month the new painting was completed.

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