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showing a sensual and erotic shunga painting in the Japanese style nihonga. Painted by Senju.

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Shunga painting by Senju


Akane iro is a traditional deep red used in Japanese painting, kimono and many other forms of Japanese art. It is extracted from the roots of  the Akane plant (Japanese madder).

Celebrating Art Nouveau and the great influence Japanese art had on european artists in the late 1800’s, Senju is using the red Akane color to form the base of the entire piece. Her red hair flows into the background and only the viewer, using imagination, will be able to tell where she ends and begin.



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This picture illustrates the plight and suffering of the women in the Yoshiwara pleasure quarter of old Edo, Japan.


Contemporary erotic art prints with roots in Japanese culture and traditions.


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The soul of Japan captured in warm colours and shades of black and grey.

"Kuchidzuke" (a tribute to Gustav Klimt)
Senju Shunga

Mirror Images of the Sensual World

Senju dedicates his life to the exploration of the human heart. A quest for intimacy, poetry and what lies deep within us. Since decades he has used Japanese culture, history and traditions as a means to illustrate his discoveries and visions.

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Senju 2013-2017

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The Secret Garden

An international collection of works inspired the art of SHunga

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