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As we introduce you to the haunting ghost paintings created by Anna Sandberg, we also launch a 7 day sale on all ghost prints.

to show a watercolour painting by Anna Sandberg depicting a Japanese female ghost, yurei, stained with blood
to show a Japanese ghost painting by Senju.
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Shunga painting by Senju

A new painting by Senju embraces the melancholy of autumn portrayed in decaying red momiji (maple) leaves presented to the viewer by a ghost in white burial robes. Note that the kimono is worn right over left at the front. A way of dressing reserved only for departed souls and of importance to remember when wearing kimono. To cross the front in this way when you are a living person is a sure way to invite bad luck and even the haunting of ghosts. The pattern on the fabric, dissolving into emptiness and air, consits of white kiku (chrysanthemums) which is a flower very much associated with funerals and grave decorations in Japan. There is a calm beauty invoked in this image.

The Suushi print comes in medium to very large size.

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Ghost painting by Anna Sandberg

Sumi ink and Japanese Gansai pigment colors on paper.


A sad and angry spirit whose life was stolen away from her at a time of happiness, betrayed by her lover’s family.









to show a watercolour painting by Swedish female artist Anna Sandberg. The painting depicts the vengeful ghost of a murdered woman.
to show a watercolour painting by Anna Sandberg depicting a Japanese female ghost, yurei, stained with blood

New release



Ghost painting by Anna Sandberg

Sumi and Japanese Gansai pigment colors on paper.


the bloody handprint on her kimono sleeve reminds us of the painful and violent struggle that preceeded her death at the hands of a violent man.

Now a bloody red handprint can be found on the men facing her revenge.

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This picture illustrates the plight and suffering of the women in the Yoshiwara pleasure quarter of old Edo, Japan.


Contemporary erotic art prints with roots in Japanese culture and traditions.


High quality contemporary art books. Limited editions and luxurious print.


The soul of Japan captured in warm colours and shades of black and grey.

"Kuchidzuke" (a tribute to Gustav Klimt)
Senju Shunga

Mirror Images of the Sensual World

Senju dedicates his life to the exploration of the human heart. A quest for intimacy, poetry and what lies deep within us. Since decades he has used Japanese culture, history and traditions as a means to illustrate his discoveries and visions.

Erotic Art books

Senju 2013-2017

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An international collection of works inspired the art of SHunga

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